BASIS Charter Schools

Are you ready for your child to reach their fullest potential? BASIS Charter Schools are exploring expanding to the Austin, Texas area. The location and grades offered of our school will be highly influenced by our interest list sign-ups, so make sure to let us know that you're interested!  

Sign up for our interest list to let us know that you want to bring BASIS Texas's rigorous, AP-for-all programming to Austin and to receive emails about upcoming events.

BASIS Charter School Highlights

  • BASIS Charter Students take an average of 11 AP exams before graduating, have an average SAT Score of 2,008 (SAT 2400 scale), and an average ACT score of 30.
  • BASIS Charter Students outscore students around the world in math, reading, and science on the OECD Test for Schools.


The BASIS Curriculum Schools Primary Model

Check out this video to learn more about our Primary Curriculum Model that offers foundations in language, literacy, civics, history, science, math, movement, engineering and technology, Mandarin, performance arts, visual arts, and music.